Relievamed Muscle and Joint Cream

Relievamed Curcuma SpiceCurcuma

Relievamed Black PepperBlack Pepper

Relievamed Ginger SpiceGinger

Relievamed FrankincenseFrankincense

Relivamed Clove SpiceClove

Relivamed Rosemary SpiceRosemary

  • Contains no harsh chemicals or drugs
  • Non-greasy
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Goes to Work Instantly
  • Australian Made and Owned

Relievamed Muscle and Joint Cream and Massage Oils

Learn About Relievamed®

Contains natural ingredients based on scientific and clinical evidence. A plant-based formula with natural extracts and oils that helps give relief during muscle and joint massage. Feel a gentle warmth and relief once you apply Relievamed®.

Relievamed® is available as a cream and massage oils. Available through physiotherapy clinics, massage therapy clinics and additional complementary medicine practices. Find Relievamed at your local stockist.

To enquire about stocking Relievamed® contact us for more details.

Relief For Your Joints & Muscles

The natural ingredients in Relievamed® are specifically formulated to help with:

 Joint tension
 Sports Activities
 Lower Back issues
 Overuse of Joints and Muscles

Improve Movement & Quality Of Life

Formulated to help you live a more mobile life.

The ingredients in Relievamed® help calm your joints and muscles. The relief from Relievamed® will help increase your mobility allowing you to move through the day.

Relievamed® also works well to improve performance during workouts and sports activities. Relievamed® users report quicker recovery results or less soreness and discomfort following muscle challenge and intense physical activity.

Relivamed SpicesNatural Actives

Relievamed® does not contain any harsh, synthetic chemicals and is your alternative drug-free product.

It contains a powerful formula with the combination of key ingredients such as:

  • Curcuma xanthorrhiza
  • Boswellia serrata
  • Arnica montana
  • Comfrey
  • Chilli extract
  • Glucosamine
  • Rosemary
  • Calendula